Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

About this Course

Course Type Course Code Duration
Applications BLE1020 1 Day

This Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 training class is for PowerPoint 2016 users who want to build upon their basic skills. Students will use advanced techniques such as working with Masters and Special Effects within their presentations.

Why Attend this Course?

Our courses are authored by content-area experts with a great deal of training experience. Topics are broken down into small chunks, which are explained, demonstrated with sample files or applications, and then practiced with hands-on exercises.
What Makes this Course Stand Apart?

The course is supplemented by hands-on labs that help attendees reinforce their theoretical knowledge of the learned material.

What you will Learn?

              • Create customized presentations with templates.
              • Add special effects.
              • Use the slide, notes, and handout masters.
              • Create, edit, and import charts.
              • Manage hyperlinks.
              • Create custom shows.
              • Secure and share presentations.


PowerPoint Users wanting more experience.


Working knowledge of Powerpoint 2016.

Course Outline

Customizing Presentations

  1. Applying a Theme
    1. Previewing and Selecting a Theme
    2. Customizing a Theme
    3. Saving a Custom Theme
    4. Setting a Default Theme
  2. Applying a Background Style
    1. Apply a Built-in Background Style
    2. Modify Slide Backgrounds
    3. Create and Apply a Background Style
  3. Adding a Footer
    1. Controlling Page Numbers
  4. Arranging and Printing Sections
    1. Using Sections
    2. Removing Sections
    3. Printing Sections
  5. Exercise 1: Adding a Background Image

Presentation Masters

  1. Working with the Slide Master
  2. Slide Layouts
  3. Formatting Slide Masters and Layouts
  4. Adding a Watermark to Your Presentation
  5. Adding Slide Numbers Using the Slide Master
  6. Inserting a New Slide Master
  7. Preserving a Slide Master
  8. Modifying the Notes Master
  9. Modifying the Handout Master
  10. Adding a Header and Footer to Notes and Handouts
  11. Exercise 2: Using the Slide Master

Working with Special Effects

  1. Animating Text and Objects
  2. Working with the Animation Painter
  3. Setting Animation Timing
  4. Animating a Chart
  5. Exercise 3: Applying Special Effects to a Presentation

Using SmartArt

  1. Inserting SmartArt Graphics
  2. Modifying SmartArt Graphics
  3. Resizing/Repositioning a SmartArt Object
    1. Resize a SmartArt Shape
    2. Reverse Direction
    3. Resize a SmartArt Graphic
    4. Reposition a SmartArt Graphic
  4. Inserting Text into a SmartArt Object
    1. Creating SmartArt from a List
  5. Formatting Text in a SmartArt Object
  6. Adding Shapes to a SmartArt Object
  7. Ungrouping SmartArt Objects
  8. Exercise 4: Working with SmartArt


  1. Creating a Photo Album
  2. Adding Captions
  3. Applying a Theme to Your Album
  4. Customizing an Album
  5. Exercise 5: Creating and Modifying a Photo Album
  6. Inserting Sounds and Video
  7. Inserting a Sound File
  8. Inserting a Video File
  9. Adjusting Media Window Size
  10. Inserting a YouTube Video
    1. Editing Media Clips
    2. Editing an Audio Clip
    3. Editing a Video Clip
  11. Link to External Media
  12. Exercise 6: Adding a Sound Clip to a Presentation

Setting up the Slide Show

  1. Setting up a Custom Show
    1. Configuring Slide Show Resolution
  2. Creating a Hyperlink
  3. Adding an Action Button
  4. Jumping to Another Presentation
  5. Exercise 7: Presenting a Custom Show
  6. Using Rehearse Timings
  7. Navigating within a Slide Show
  8. Annotating a Presentation
  9. Creating a Presenter-Independent Slide Show
  10. Setting Up a Slide Show to Repeat Automatically
  11. Exercise 8: Preparing the Slide Show

Outlines and Slides

  1. Exporting Notes and Handouts to Word
    1. Setting Handout Print Options
  2. Exporting an Outline to Word
  3. Saving a Presentation as an Outline
  4. Saving a Slide as a Graphic
  5. Exercise 9: Exporting an Outline to Word

Managing Multiple Presentations

  1. Merging Multiple Presentations
  2. Reusing Slides from Other Presentations
  3. Viewing Multiple Presentations
  4. You may want to view multiple presentations simultaneously
  5. Tracking Changes in PowerPoint
    1. Discarding Changes from Specific Users
    2. Managing Comments
  6. Exercise 10: Reviewing Changes in PowerPoint

Sharing and Securing a Presentation

  1. Sharing a Presentation with a Remote Audience
  2. Embedding the Fonts in a Presentation
  3. Inspecting the Presentation
    1. Removing Presentation Metadata
    2. Checking for Accessibility Issues
    3. Checking for Compatibility Issues
  4. Packaging a Presentation for CD
  5. Using the PowerPoint Viewer
  6. Exercise 11: Sharing a Presentation
  7. Encrypting a Presentation
  8. Adding a Digital Signature
  9. Marking a Presentation as Final
  10. Granting Permissions
  11. Compressing Pictures
  12. Sending a Presentation in PDF Format
  13. Exercise 12: Securing a Presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint Features that Were New in 2013

  1. Using Comments
  2. Exercise 13: Using the Comments Feature
  3. Motion Path Changes

Features New in 2016

  1. Merge Shapes
  2. Ink Equations